Jamal C. Mack


Michael K. Earley

1st Vice Polemarch

Arthur Farquharson Jr.

2nd Vice Polemarch

Marcus G. Bruce

Keeper of Records

Benjamin Ellis III

Keeper of Exchequer

Gerald Jackson




At Chester (PA) Alumni, we pride ourselves on being a chapter that welcomes ALL brothers.  We truly believe and embody the meaning being brotherly and welcome any brothers looking for a chapter home, or just looking to fellowship with us.


Polemarch- Jamal C. Mack

1st Vice-Polemarch- Michael Earley

2nd Vice-Polemarch- Arthor Farquharson Jr

Keeper of Records- Marcus Bruce

Asst. Keeper of Records- Vacant 

Keeper of Exchequer- Benjamin Ellis

Strategus- Gerald Jackson

Lt. Strategus- Shakir Ali

Reporter- Anton Hackett

Guide Right Director- Ric Winston

Historian- John Dix 

Guide Right Director- Ric Winston

Reclamation Chairman-Donald Chisholm & Stefan Roberts

Chaplian-Stephen Lewis

Board of Directors:

Terrence Bowman 

Ricardo Hunter

Kevin Hankins

Richard Slater

Ric Winston

Roland  Marsh